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Why This Program Is Important


Understanding kidney and liver disease and their treatment options is key to choosing what is best for you. Understanding our diverse communities and their barriers to good health is key for a hospital to offer excellent healthcare. AATAP is a program built for the Black community, based on feedback and conversations with Black community members about the challenges of navigating a complex diagnosis and the healthcare system.

Our goals for AATAP:

  • Improve access to resources that help African American patients navigate the transplant process and achieve better health through transplantation
  • Continue to be a trusted destination for transplantation among African American patients, and improve trust in healthcare overall

AATAP providers address:

  • Patient distrust of health care. Our team takes the time to build a trusted, valued relationship with each patient and their family.
  • Cultural competency. We embrace the unique, rich culture and experience of Black Americans, and bring openness, understanding, and willingness to learn to every patient encounter.
  • Health literacy. We offer education about diagnosis and treatment in language that is easy to understand, and we take the time to answer questions so that patients and families feel comfortable about each step of the transplant journey.
  • Psychosocial support. Transplant care goes beyond the operating room. We have a team in place to help connect patients and families with the resources they need, from insurance assistance to support groups.

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