Infant Safety

Newborn Safety Overview

Infant Safety

Babies can roll and wiggle and fall off beds, sofas, dressing tables, infant swings and car seats. Always strap your baby into swings or infant car seats and never leave your baby alone. Before you know it, your baby will start to crawl and get into things. Baby proofing your home will help keep your baby safe. 

To babyproof your home:

  • Put locks or clips on cabinets
  • Put gates across stairways
  • Cover all electric outlets
  • Keep poisons, cleaning products and medicine locked in a cabinet. Use childproof caps and containers so your baby can't get the cap off and spill or taste the contents
  • If you think your child has swallowed a poison, call the Poison Control Center at 800.942.5969 immediately
  • Your drugstore can sell you activated charcoal. Keep it on hand to use if your baby swallows something dangerous, but only use it if directed by a doctor, nurse or the Poison Control Center. Some poisons should not be spit up
  • Be sure your baby's toys cannot be chewed or broken into small pieces that can be choked on or swallowed
  • Keep crib sides raised at all times
  • Be sure your baby's furniture meets safety standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Sign up for email notification of recalled products

Travel, clothing and visitors

  • Babies can go outside in good weather at any age as long as they are properly dressed and are not sick
  • For the first few months, it is a good idea to avoid crowded places to prevent your baby from catching infections
  • Dress your baby as warmly as you would dress yourself
  • If it is hot outside, only an undershirt and a diaper may be needed
  • If it is chilly outside and you are wearing a sweater or jacket, dress your baby the same way
  • Cover the baby's skin when in direct sunlight. A hat is a good idea
  • Put a hat on your baby in cool weather because babies lose most of their body heat through their head
  • Until babies walk, they need shoes only for warmth and protection. Socks, booties or bare feet are fine
  • Having visitors when you have a new baby is fine as long as they are not sick and wash their hands before holding your baby

Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital offers care for children at all ages and stages—from birth through 18 years old. Whether your infant needs the advanced expertise of our Level II+ Special Care Nursery, your child needs a wellness checkup and immunizations, or one of your children needs care for an illness, emergency or ongoing medical condition—you’ll find the medical and surgical resources to meet your family’s needs.

We have more than 60 physicians on staff who specialize in pediatrics, along with a dedicated team of pediatric nurses—all committed to providing the very best care for your children. In addition, we can refer children who need more advanced care to pediatric specialists who are leaders in their fields. Our affiliated pediatricians can address most children’s needs at convenient locations throughout Lake and Cook counties.

We’ve also partnered with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, one of the nation’s top-ranked children’s hospitals, to provide the highest quality care for children. Our hospitalists from Lurie Children’s are available on-site at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest, 24 hours a day, every day of the year to care for special need situations or provide expert consultations.

The CDH Pediatric Emergency Department is IDPH Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP) and is designated by the State of Illinois as a Level II Trauma Center.

Legal Information

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