Advanced Patient Monitoring After Lung Transplant

Advanced Patient Monitoring

Advanced Patient Monitoring After Lung Transplant

Better communication between patients at home and their hospital care teams

Northwestern Medicine has the first lung transplant program in the Midwest to offer patients advanced after-transplant care through an innovative remote patient monitoring system, GoSpiro.

Once transplant recipients are at home, GoSpiro better connects them to their care providers at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This system helps clinicians quickly identify clinical concerns, such as sudden changes to heartbeat. This can lead to earlier interventions and treatments.

Remote patient monitoring is the modern standard of care. Not only does it allow patients to recover at home, but it also reduces the length of hospital stays and hospital readmissions.

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About Transplant Monitoring from GoSpiro

GoSpiro has developed the only remote monitoring platform in transplant and mechanical circulatory support. Our program is designed to improve patient outcomes and quality of life, and it has been shown in clinical studies to reduce readmissions to the hospital for preventable reasons. This is accomplished by identifying early warning signs of infection or rejection of transplantation.

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