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Car used for driver rehabilitation.

Services Include

  • Evaluation and education for experienced drivers who have acquired a disability.
  • Evaluation and education for people with disabilities who are interested in getting a driver's license for the first time.
  • Comprehensive evaluation and examination for older adults to determine whether they can still drive safely.
  • A program for teens and young adults.


The driver evaluation is designed to provide a comprehensive, objective appraisal of a person's ability to drive. It occurs in two parts. The first part is a clinical occupational therapy evaluation that assesses the individual's vision, perception, cognition and motor function. The second part is a behind-the-wheel evaluation, which takes place in one of Marianjoy's driver rehabilitation vehicles and assesses an individual's ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, the driver rehabilitation specialist will discuss with the client and family (as appropriate) recommendations for driving. Any questions regarding adaptive equipment, restricted driving or alternative transportation will also be addressed. The final evaluation report, with recommendations, is sent to the referring physician.

Vehicles and Equipment

Marianjoy's Driver Rehabilitation Program has preparatory equipment to train patients before entering vehicles, as well as a fleet of sedans and a minivan. Training equipment includes an indoor adjustable ramp to simulate minivan entrances; a steering effort simulator; and hand-control models to try, for those who are unable to drive with their feet. Each of the vehicles can be adapted with necessary equipment to meet the client's particular needs. In addition, the wheelchair-accessible minivan is designed to enable individuals to drive from their wheelchairs or to transfer into the driver's seat.


Marianjoy's driver rehabilitation specialists work with students experiencing vision, cognitive and/or motor impairments. We meet the state requirements for driver education and can coordinate services with the students' high schools.


As advocates for our clients who use adaptive equipment, Marianjoy’s driver rehabilitation specialists are available to accompany an individual to the Secretary of State's office for their driving test. We will also work with local vendors, on the individual's behalf, to get any adaptive equipment needed for a client's vehicle.

How to receive services from the Marianjoy Driver Rehabilitation Program

Participants must be at least 15 years old and require specialized evaluation, education or equipment.

To schedule a driver evaluation, a prescription from a physician or vision specialist is required. The prescription must include the patient's diagnosis, and must also state, "OT Driver Evaluation and Treatment." The prescription can be faxed to 630.909.7151.

To schedule an appointment, call 630.909.6080, option 2 (TTY: 711).

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