VBEAM is a laser treatment to improve the appearance of blood vessels in the skin, including spider veins in the legs. Spider veins are small, bluish blood vessels under your skin. They are usually harmless.

VBEAM delivers quick pulsed laser energy to your skin; the heat from the laser destroys the abnormal blood vessels. The pulses use a special dye or color to make the laser more effective. Your body’s natural healing process will remove the damaged blood vessels.

VBEAM is an outpatient procedure that does not need incisions. The procedure can be mildly uncomfortable. It is often described as a rubber band snapping your skin. Afterward, you may feel itchy but this goes away as you heal. Many people do not need a lot of downtime after the procedure. Recovering does not often impact your ability to do your everyday activities. The abnormal blood vessels will look better after a few sessions of treatment.

Your care team will explain how you should prepare for the procedure, what to expect and what care you will need afterward. Learn more about the Northwestern Medicine Vein Center.

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