Armeo® Power

The Armeo® Power is a robotic exoskeleton for upper extremities, such as your arms. It provides highly intensive arm rehabilitation for patients who have limited movement because of a neurologic injury or disorder. The device enables you to practice movements that are important for your therapy progress and daily life.

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How does the Armeo® Power work?

The Armeo® Power recognizes when you cannot complete a movement and helps your arm as much as needed to reach the goal of each exercise. The device and the therapist will adjust the amount of robotic support to fit your needs and changing abilities throughout your rehabilitation journey. The Armeo® Power records how you are doing and how much support you need during therapy sessions. This helps your therapist focus more on your therapy. In addition, detailed documentation enables your therapist to analyze and track your progress.

What are the benefits of using the Armeo® Power?

The Armeo® Power enables patients who are severely affected to participate in intensive early rehabilitation. The device also helps with support that automatically adjusts to your abilities so you can complete the entire movement process from shoulder to fingers. With performance feedback exercises for arm and hand training, the Armeo® Power can motivate you throughout your therapy sessions.

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