Armeo® Spring

The Armeo® Spring is an arm and hand rehabilitation exoskeleton. With robotic technology and virtual reality simulation, the Armeo® Spring uses functional, intensive, task-specific and self-initiated skills to help with your arm and hand recovery.

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How does the Armeo® Spring work?

The Armeo® Spring is adjustable to ensure an optimal fit around your arm, from shoulder to hand. It offers an opportunity for you to enhance any remaining function and neuromuscular control, helping you move your arm and hand across a large workspace. During your therapy, you will complete tasks from a large library of movement exercises. The device has a pressure-sensitive handgrip that detects even small amounts of grip force to help you with grasp-and-release exercises.

What are the benefits of using the Armeo® Spring?

The Armeo® Spring enables you to train via with game-like goals to keep you engaged during therapy sessions. The device supports arm and hand therapy at the same time while evaluating and documenting your progress.

You may benefit from therapy with the Armeo® Spring if you are:

  • A stroke survivor with varying degrees of hemiparesis, a movement impairment in which one side of the body is weaker or paralyzed
  • A brain or spinal cord injury survivor with reduced function of your arm or hand
  • Someone with upper-extremity impairments resulting from multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy or other neurological disorders

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