BertecĀ® Balance Advantage

Physical therapists at Northwestern Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital use the Bertec® Balance Advantage system to evaluate and address mobility and balance impairments. They can use this information to create a treatment plan that fits your needs.

Watch a video about the Bertec® Balance Advantage system

How does the Bertec® Balance Advantage work?

The Bertec® Balance Advantage helps evaluate and treat balance and mobility impairments. The system:

  • Assesses your sensory and motor impairments
  • Offers retraining exercises
  • Imitates real-world environments with virtual reality
  • Monitors your movement in real-time

What are the benefits of using the Bertec® Balance Advantage?

This virtual reality technology helps train you on how to address balance and mobility impairments.

You may benefit from the Bertec® Balance Advantage if you have:

  • Inner-ear infection (labyrinthitis)
  • Acute vertigo from head trauma or whiplash
  • Long-term vertigo from chemical or drug toxicity
  • Acoustic neuromas (benign tumor on the nerve between inner ear and brain)
  • Age-related balance dysfunction or dizziness
  • Stroke
  • Visual-motor sensitivity

All outpatient therapy and procedures require a physician referral. For more information, please call 630.909.7150.