The KineAssist-MX™ is a treadmill device that you can use to walk and complete balance-related exercises. Physical therapists at Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital can work with you while you use this device.

Watch a video about the KineAssist-MX™

How does the KineAssist-MX™ work?

You will use the KineAssist-MX™ wearing a harness that will support you and prevent falls. You can control the treadmill speed but, if needed, your therapist can control it too.

What are the benefits of using the KineAssist-MX™?

The system can help you try different tasks that challenge your balance while making sure that you will not fall or get hurt. It can also help you relearn skills related to real-world situations, such as slipping or being nudged, which may result in feeling off-balance. As you complete each level, your therapist can increase the intensity of your training.

Who can benefit from using the KineAssist-MX™?

The KineAssist-MX™ can help you perform everyday activities, such as walking and climbing stairs. You may benefit from this device if you have:

  • Neurological impairments
  • Heart and lung impairments
  • Joint replacements or amputations
  • Changes to your body from physical inactivity

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