Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAP-BAND®) Surgery

LAP-BAND illustration

Using a silicone band placed around the top portion of the stomach, LAP-BAND® surgery works by restricting the amount of food entering the stomach. One of the advantages of this method is its ability to be customized to each patient. The diameter of the band can be adjusted post-surgically so the rate of weight loss suits your needs. Unlike bypass surgery and other bariatric procedures, LAP-BAND® is also reversible. LAP-BAND® surgery is performed using the minimally invasive laparoscopic method, which requires less recovery time and creates minimal scarring.

Patients typically lose 45 to 55 percent of excess body weight in the first two years after surgery. It’s important to understand that weight loss surgery is just one aspect of the process. You’ll need to commit to lifestyle changes and follow up with your primary care physician on a regular basis. Northwestern Medicine offers a complete range of resources to help you live healthier and achieve lasting weight loss.

To learn more about LAP-BAND® surgery and other options, visit our weight management page.

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