Admission for Induction

Admission for Induction

Induction of labor is the process of using medication and sometimes other methods to ripen the cervix. Your provider may recommend induction for certain medical conditions, or you may choose induction electively.

Your provider's office will schedule your induction and inform you of a given date and time for admission. There are no special restrictions before admission on what you can eat or drink prior to arrival. When you arrive, check in at the triage area 15 minutes before your scheduled time. A representative will take your information and direct you to Labor and Delivery where your nurse will be awaiting your arrival.

In the labor room, the nurse will start your IV and obtain any needed blood tests. The nurse will also apply monitors so that the baby’s condition can be checked. A provider will then come in to check your cervix and may perform an ultrasound to make sure the baby is in a head down position. For patients whose cervix is already dilated, the provider will likely decide to give oxytocin, a medicine used to increase contractions and/or break the amniotic sac (“break your water”).

If your cervix is not dilated enough, a provider may use measures to make that happen. This can be done in a number of ways. Your provider will decide which method of induction to use. You should discuss this process with your provider at one of your office visits.

One way is to slide a catheter through your cervix and inflate a balloon. Often this takes six or more hours to get the cervix to open, but it can vary between patients. A medication, such as oxytocin or misoprostol, is often given at the same time to speed the process. Sometimes a balloon or the misoprostol are used alone.

Once your cervix is ready, a member of your care team will examine your cervix and break the amniotic sac, if needed. This often helps the induction process progress more rapidly. If you did not receive oxytocin with the balloon, it will be started after the balloon is removed to begin or strengthen your contractions.