Postpartum Unit

Postpartum Unit

When you are admitted to the postpartum unit, your nurse will check you in, introduce you to the unit and review care and teaching goals that are to be met during your stay. You will be encouraged to walk around to help aid in your recovery. You will usually stay on the Postpartum Unit for two nights following a vaginal delivery or three nights following a C-section delivery.

Our private rooms are designed to allow mothers to recover after birth and to get acquainted with their newborns. Your mother-baby nursing team will care for you and your baby for the rest of your stay. Our nurses are dedicated to your comfort and personal care. They will teach basic baby care, such as breastfeeding, diapering, bathing, and caring for the umbilical cord and circumcision.

Your nurse will review the Postpartum Roadmap with you. The Postpartum Roadmap is a tool to help you know what to expect and what should be achieved during your stay.

If you are breastfeeding, our trained nursing staff will provide the help you need to be comfortable with breastfeeding your baby before discharge. If you need more support, we have breastfeeding counselors and lactation consultants who can help you.

Other care team members will see you during your stay. You can expect visits from your provider (or someone from their practice), a pediatrician, a member of the anesthesia team, newborn hearing screeners, a representative from the Birth Certificate Department, a photographer to take your baby’s photo, food service staff and environmental services staff. If you wish to have your newborn circumcised, your obstetrician will schedule a time for this to be done.