Northwestern Medicine Unpaid Student Non-Nursing Practicum Requests

Are you in need of required hours to fulfill your healthcare degree requirements? Many areas at Central DuPage Hospital (CDH), Delnor Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group host college students throughout the year. This is a great benefit to your healthcare educational experience.

Please read this information BEFORE submitting an application

  • This application is only for placement within the western suburbs of Chicago
  • You must be in a college program that is requiring you to do an internship and there should be a number of hours that you need to complete for the internship requirement
  • We do not partner with international schools
  • This application is not for Physician Assistant student or medical student placement. Please work with your school on your placement.
  • This application is not for Nursing students. Please complete the appropriate application by clicking here.
  • If you are seeking an internship at other Northwestern Medicine locations, please click here to visit the page dedicated to students.

Who is a student?

A student is an individual who is enrolled in a college or university healthcare program seeking a REQUIRED educational experience to complete an internship/practicum as part of degree completion that lasts for a specific length of time and is with school credit and without compensation.

Student Internship/Rotation Request Form