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Make a Healthier Holiday Menu

Healthier Recipes for the Whole Holiday Menu

The holiday season brings a number of occasions to indulge in our favorite foods. Healthy habits for tackling the buffet will be your best friend when the menu is out of your control. However, when you’re the cook, substitutions and healthier recipes — not to mention in-season produce picks — can help take the guilt out of your holiday meal.

Here are our favorite picks for healthier holiday recipes, from Fitness Magazine, Food Network and Eating Well.


Consider serving raw vegetables with hummus — a health food favorite — instead of rich dips like ranch. Substitutions like light cream cheese for your dip or turkey for your meatballs can keep the classics on your table and the calories out of mind.

Dip Recipes:

Finger Food Recipes:


Seek out healthier recipes for classics like green bean casserole or scalloped potatoes, and add healthier side dishes, such as salads and seasonal vegetables.

Salad Recipes:

Vegetable Recipes:

Hearty Classics:

Stuffing Recipes:

Main Dish

Chicken and turkey are traditionally healthy sources of protein, but be wary of rich holiday sides and sauces. The health-minded chef can also look to lean cuts like pork tenderloin, which can have less fat than a chicken breast.

Poultry Recipes:

Pork Recipes:

Vegetarian Recipes:


Sweet treats are a standard of holiday meals, whether individual options are served on a tray or a decadent cake is offered to share. But leave the guilt behind by using healthier recipes for these indulgences.

Desserts to Share:

Single-Serving Desserts: