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Parkinson's Disease Signs and Symptoms (Infographic)

Subtle Symptoms

You likely equate Parkinson’s disease with tremors, but there are many symptoms you can’t see, or that you have to look closely to notice.

“Parkinson’s disease presents itself differently in everyone, “says Linda Egan, PT, Parkinson’s Disease Program coordinator at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. “Many symptoms can appear years before someone receives a formal diagnosis, which is why it’s imperative to be in tune with what’s happening in your body.”

Just as Parkinson’s symptoms vary from patient to patient, so does treatment. A combination of medications, physical therapy programs, occupational therapy programs and speech pathology programs help slow the progression of this degenerative neurological disorder. Perhaps as potent as a pill, exercise has been proven to mitigate Parkinson’s symptoms.

“Exercise is imperative for someone with Parkinson’s disease,” says Egan. “It’s recommended that people with Parkinson’s disease exercise at least two and a half hours per week.”

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