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Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

In Northwestern Memorial Hospital Arkes Pavilion


The Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine provides comprehensive care for sleep disorders. We have a robust Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program for insomnia (CBT-I) and our sleep psychologists also provide behavioral treatment for nightmares as well sleep walking and sleep terrors. We have providers specializing in sleep disorders in unique populations, including sleep disorders in epilepsy, neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease, as well as sleep disturbances during pregnancy, post partum and menopause. In addition we provide the most cutting edge treatments for narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia and other similar disorders.

Our pulmonary sleep colleagues are singularly qualified to treat complex respiratory sleep disturbances such as seen in ALS, muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular diseases.

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