Outpatient Psychology and Counseling Services

Outpatient Psychology and Counseling Services

Outpatient Psychology and Counseling Services

Psychologists and licensed mental health professionals provide treatment for mental health and substance-use conditions. They work as part of the medical team to provide tools to help people manage chronic medical conditions and to cope with life stressors that affect overall health and well-being. To make an appointment call: 815.844.8060.

Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs

The Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs provide care to adults with mental health disorders that cannot be managed in a traditional outpatient setting or as a step down from inpatient or residential care.

There is specialized treatment for those with mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders. Group therapy is the basis of these programs. People often find the group-based treatment approach is helpful in assuring them they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings and circumstances. The professional staff provides education and guidance while the group itself provides useful feedback and support.

The team includes licensed and certified counselors, psychiatrists, registered nurses, certified recovery specialists, dietitians, chaplains and a yoga instructor as we believe in a holistic approach to care.

Each person in these programs is assigned to a primary therapist who is responsible for co-creating an individual treatment plan, monitoring progress of treatment goals, facilitating individual and group therapy, facilitating case management and developing an appropriate aftercare plan.

Program participants are able to meet weekly with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner while in the program. Family involvement is encouraged and family therapy sessions are offered to all program participants.

The Partial Hospitalization Program meets five to six hours a day, five days a week. The Intensive Outpatient Program meets three to five days per week for three hours a day. An intake counselor meets with person before the start of a program to determine which program best meets the needs of the individual. To make an appointment call: 800.765.9999.

The average time in treatment is four to six weeks.

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