Counseling for Adolescents and Young Children

Counseling for Adolescents and Young Children

Counseling for Adolescents and Young Children

If your child is experiencing problems at home or at school, counseling can help. Family sessions or one-on-one therapy can give your child a safe environment to share feelings and learn ways to deal with problems. Children who are stressed or anxious can especially benefit from counseling to help identify challenges and develop tools to address them.

Adolescents are not children, yet not quite adults and this in-between stage can be a difficult and emotional time. As adolescents mature and become more independent, they experience stress due to school, relationships with peers and family, self-image, and due to pressure to take on more responsibilities. Talking to a therapist can be beneficial for a young adult in coping with these changes and dealing with confusing situations and feelings.

Our trained therapists can assist teenagers and their parents in navigating the rough waters and tough choices they may encounter during this period in their lives.

Screening, Assessment, and Support Services (SASS) with Ben Gordon Center

Supportive services for youth age 21 and younger who have experienced a behavioral health crisis. Individuals accessing these services can elect to receive case management, therapy/counseling, psychiatry, and/or referral and linkage support.

The SASS program is responsible for providing:

  • Rapid response pre-admission psychiatric hospitalization screenings;
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization services;
  • Support to children and families when a child is hospitalized;
  • Support to children and families when a child is maintained in the community in lieu of psychiatric hospitalization;
  • Family engagement and treatment in the home and other community-based settings;
  • Home-based family supports;
  • Case management across the systems in which the child and family are involved;
  • Family Resource Developer support;
  • Psychiatric services, including medication management, as needed;
  • Discharge planning during the child’s hospitalization to ensure immediate access to intensive community-based care; and
  • Post-crisis care coordination, helping children transition to non-crisis service and treatment.

* Funding provided in whole or in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

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