Genetic Testing for Gynecologic Cancer in the Western Suburbs

Genetic Testing for Gynecologic Cancer in the Western Suburbs

Certain kinds of cancer run in families and are related to an inherited genetic abnormality. If you or your family members have had cancer before age 50 or two or more incidences of different types of cancer, or if you have had several family members diagnosed with cancer, you may want to consider genetic services. Our team can help you determine if you might be at risk and if genetic testing would be appropriate for you.

If you have family members who have had colorectal or endometrial cancer, learn more about Lynch syndrome testing. If you have family members with breast or ovarian cancer, you may be interested in BRCA mutation testing. This is just to mention a few inherited conditions that can increase a woman’s risk for developing various types of cancer.

Our Gynecologic Oncologists offer consultations and follow up for women with a genetic mutation that increases their lifetime risk for developing gynecologic cancer. Our team manages gynecologic cancer screening and surveillance and offers risk-reducing surgery if indicated.

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