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A Northwestern Medicine physician listening to the breathing of an elderly man who is smiling.

With locations throughout Chicagoland, you have convenient access to specialists and state-of-the-art facilities across Illinois, close to home and work. Although we have multiple sites of care, we are one integrated team, working together to help support lung health across all of our locations.

That means you have access to more resources, such as:

  • A rapid second opinion from an expert based at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the only illinois hospital on the national Honor Roll for 12 straight years and No. 18 in the U.S. for Cancer by U.S. News & World Report, 2023 – 2024
  • Leading-edge therapies that give you more treatment options
  • Specialized technology
  • Supportive services such as smoking cessation specialists, social workers and registered dietitians

From preventive care and cancer risk assessments to treatment and recovery, our mission is to be your health partner throughout your lung cancer journey.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

A lung cancer screening scan showing early lung cancer.

The Northwestern Medicine Lung Cancer Screening Program specializes in the imaging evaluation and follow-up of patients at high risk for lung cancer. Our mission is to provide evidence-based, timely and personalized care for patients who undergo lung cancer screening.

Learn more about the program.

Areas of Care

A Northwestern Medicine male physician sitting in an exam room talking to an adult male patient sitting on the exam table.

Risk Assessment and Prevention

We can evaluate your risk and put you on a path to prevention or early detection with the goal of better long-term outcomes.

A Northwestern Medicine physician in green scrubs pointing to a lung scan on a computer screen.

Screening and Diagnosis

The Northwestern Medicine Lung Cancer Screening Program specializes in the imaging evaluation of patients at a high risk for lung cancer.

Two physicians in an operating room performing surgery.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Northwestern Medicine offers comprehensive, compassionate care in modern, patient-centered facilities.

A young woman sitting on an exam table having her blood pressure checked by a male nurse.

Support and Survivorship

Patients can access many supportive services to improve their quality of life during and after treatment, from symptom management and support groups, to financial counseling and survivorship events.

Northwestern Medicine lab

Clinical Trials and Research

Through next-generation clinical trials, patients have access to groundbreaking new treatment options.

Northwestern Medicine Cancer Care Network

Our multidisciplinary team works in collaboration together across the entire Chicagoland area.

Looking for a Cancer Second Opinion?

You deserve to be comfortable with your treatment decision and have confidence in your physician. A second opinion with another specialist can help you make the most informed choices.

Lurie Cancer Center Tobacco Cessation Program

A comprehensive tobacco treatment program for Lurie Cancer Center patients: integrated within your cancer care.

Assess Your Lung Cancer Risk

Learn about your lung cancer risk and whether you should be screened for lung cancer.