Current Projects and Program News

Projects and News

Current Projects and Program News

The Stem Cell Transplant Program was established in 1987 to provide high-quality, innovative care by putting patients and their families first and by advancing the biology of stem cell transplantation. The following includes current projects and noteworthy news about the program.

Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation: Fourth Annual Walk for Life

Donor Alec and Susan meeting for the first timeSusan met her lifesaving donor Alec, for the very first time, in an emotional kick-off to the event. 

Alec said that upon hearing that he was a match, he was "overwhelmed with a sense of purpose, and that knowing at the age of 20 that his life was so valuable to someone else was incomprehensible." 

"The meeting put closure on a very long chapter," proclaimed his recipient, Susan.

Crowds gathered in the early morning fog to enjoy refreshments, purchase tickets for chance drawing prizes, and warm up to music. The donor registration area remained busy as volunteers helped potential donors swab their cheeks to join the registry.

We are truly grateful for everyone's support and look forward to sharing the Walk's success over years to come as matches and transplants are found for patients as a direct result of your efforts.

For those who participated in the event, we want to hear from you. Help us make our Walk better by completing this short survey. You can also view pictures from the event here.

Thank you again,

Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation and the Walk for Life Committee

Awards and honors

The Stem Cell team was awarded an ICare Grant to produce a new series of patient education videos.