Center for Lifestyle Medicine Services


Center for Lifestyle Medicine Services

The individualized treatment plan agreed upon with your Lifestyle Medicine provider may include some or all of the following services. Lifestyle coaching will be provided at all Center for Lifestyle Medicine visits to help you make gradual changes for lasting success and to reach realistic health-related goals.

Medical weight management

A medical weight management specialist will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment and evaluation of the medical, biological, emotional and psychosocial issues that affect your weight. Based upon this in-depth assessment, an individualized weight management treatment plan will be developed (and mutually agreed upon). Your plan could include:

  • Diet and physical activity guidance
  • Strategies for behavior change
  • Psychological counseling
  • Medications
  • Surgery

Registered dietitian counseling

A registered dietitian will evaluate your diet habits and coach you on diet strategies, such as:

  • Making healthier substitutions
  • Using meal replacement products
  • Controlling portions
  • Using tracking tools
  • Understanding healthy shopping and cooking tips
  • Planning family meals
  • Addressing your mood/food connection (if emotional eating is a concern)

Health psychologist counseling

Changing health behaviors to lose weight is about more than just education: It’s about overcoming the obstacles that make those changes hard to sustain. Those obstacles can be internal and/or practical. Our health psychologists can help you with evidence-based tools to problem-solve barriers for change and to help break emotional eating patterns. This can aid your efforts to make and sustain health behavior changes for weight loss.

Weight Loss Surgery Program

If you are unable to lose weight through nonsurgical approaches, weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) might be an option for you. Working closely with the team in the Center for Lifestyle Medicine, the Weight Loss Surgery Program offers surgical options for individuals with obesity. For more information, consider attending one of our bariatric surgery seminars or click here to learn more about our surgery program.