Specialists and Care Centers

Pigment Disorder Specialists and Care Centers

The Northwestern University Department of Dermatology clinicians are board-certified dermatologists the offer a wide range of care and treatment for general dermatology problems. In addition to the General Clinic, the Department of Dermatology also maintains a number of specialty clinics to serve patients with a variety of dermatological conditions, including the Pigmented Skin Lesion/Melanoma Clinic.

The Pigmented Skin Lesion/Melanoma Clinic provides comprehensive care for individuals with irregular nevi, dysplastic nevi and melanoma. The clinic occurs several times each week and offers medical and surgical management of pigmented lesions. You will initially be screened with a digital photographic system to record images of your nevi, or moles, through whole-body photography and dermoscopy. Dermoscopy provides the physician with a magnified image of the nevus and pigment arrangement within the lesion.

For advanced melanomas, a multi-specialty team provides leading-edge treatment. Our clinic now offers MelaFind®, a non-invasive medical device that allows our specialists to identify potentially harmful moles more accurately.

Meet The Teams

Northwestern Medicine dermatologists pride themselves on working with patients to find the best individualized treatment for their skin conditions, including vitiligo and eczema.