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Alzheimer's Disease Specialists and Care Centers

Northwestern Medicine offers access to a variety of traditional and leading-edge technologies for diagnosing and treating Alzheimer's disease. Northwestern Medicine Alzheimer's specialists treat the whole patient and offer support services for both patients and their families.

Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Through the Northwestern Medicine Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, we treat the whole patient and offer support services for both patients and their families. Our treatment plans include:

  • Quality, compassionate healthcare
  • Educational services
  • Counseling
  • Research facilities used to promote understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and hopefully, finding a cure

The Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic is geared toward supporting both patients and their families. When possible, our goal is to manage the disease in order to delay the onset of more debilitating symptoms and to allow patients to live independently longer.

Our clinic is staffed by neurologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and speech therapists1 who use sophisticated cognitive testing and the latest developments in biomarkers. In addition, nationally sponsored clinical trials are available for suitable patients, and eligible patients may benefit from cognitive training and innovative life enrichment programs.

Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital Movement Disorders and Neurodegenerative Diseases Center

Your movement matters—at home, at work, and even doing the common tasks that everyone can take for granted. If you have a movement disorder, you deserve a level of care that can get you back to doing the things you love, with confidence and peace of mind.

The Northwestern Medicine Central Dupage Hospital Movement Disorders and Neurodegenerative Diseases Center uses an interdisciplinary team approach to provide individualized care that optimizes your treatment, outcomes and experience. Your care is provided by a focused and experienced team1 that includes:

  • Specially trained neurologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Nurses
  • Counselors and rehabilitative specialists

Northwestern Medicine Home Health

If you or someone you love is living with Alzheimer’s disease, Northwestern Medicine Home Health can provide specialty in-home care that brings dignity, comfort and much-needed assistance to you or your loved one. Specialized services include:

  • Personalized assessment
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Caregiver training and education
  • Emotional and spiritual help

The onset of dementia can be a highly stressful time for everyone, filled with difficult questions and safety concerns. Northwestern Medicine Home Health nurses are specially trained in Alzheimer's and can work with you to find the answers and resources you need to maximize your loved one’s independence and quality of life.

Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic
676 North Saint Clair Street
Arkes Pavilion, Suite 945
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Tel: 312.695.9627
Fax: 312.695.6072

How we can help

The Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic is staffed by physicians from the Northwestern Medical Group, a multispecialty group practice of the full-time faculty at Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine.  Offering a comprehensive array of diagnostic, therapeutic, and innovative care, the clinic has a multidisciplinary staff that includes behavioral neurologists, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, and licensed clinical social workers. 

Through the Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic, we treat the whole patient and offer support services for both patients and their families.  Our treatment plan includes:

  • Evaluation of memory and other thinking abilities using specialized tests
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment for associated mood and behavior disorders
  • Assessment and follow-up care by behavioral neurologists dedicated to treating those with dementia
  • Disease education, counseling, and referrals to community support services
  • Research opportunities to participate in cutting edge research on Alzheimer's dementia, frontotemporal dementia and primary progressive aphasia

The board-certified neurologists at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. They diagnose and treat patients with a full range of neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer’s disease affects an estimated five million Americans: 10 percent of people over age 65 and nearly 50 percent of those over age 85. Researchers are working diligently to uncover the cause and develop a cure. Until they succeed, the multidisciplinary team at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital can help you and your family deal with the physical and behavioral changes of Alzheimer’s with experience, compassion and the latest treatment protocols.

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