Navigate the system through a personal and friendly human touch

Travelling Internationally

Navigate the system through a personal and friendly human touch

Each year thousands of patients from around the world travel to Chicago to receive their care at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Traveling far from home can be a stressful event, but our team will make your stay as comfortable as possible. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of you and your family, while also making your trip as stress-free as possible.

A member of our team will initiate a relationship with you prior to your trip, so when you come to Chicago, you already feel at home.

Patients who travel to Northwestern will receive personal support and assistance throughout their healthcare journey. As your partners, we take great care in assisting with the details of your stay, such as:

  • Providing interpretation services
  • Setting up your medical appointments
  • Escorting you to and from your appointments
  • Arranging banking services and helping with financial information
  • Providing concierge services
  • Providing recommendations for accommodations
  • Assisting with dietary requirements
  • Connecting you with places of worship

If a hospital stay is required, you will be welcomed into our world-class facilities, where we offer expert care in a healing environment. Our rooms are private and designed for comfort as you heal. Most importantly, patients choose Northwestern Medicine because every day we transform lives.

We will coordinate logistics and patient needs in Spanish for a personal and efficient medical visit.

You can reach Northwestern Medicine’s International Health Center at: