For Physicians

For Physicians

If your patient has symptoms of a movement disorder that may be caused by or linked to a genetic mutation, our experts can help diagnose the suspected disorder, and provide recommendations for treatment in your clinic.

Conditions of Interest

  • Juvenile, early-onset and familial Parkinson’s disease
  • Movement disorders specific to individuals of a particular ethnic background
  • Early-onset and familial dystonic conditions, including generalized and focal isolated dystonias, myoclonus-dystonia syndromes, paroxysmal dystonias, and DOPA-responsive dystonias
  • Familial tremor syndromes
  • Chorea disorders, including Huntington disease and Huntington’s-like conditions, and childhood-onset choreas
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Other complex movement disorders


To refer a patient or to request patient materials, contact Carolyn Taylor at 312.695.1822, or email

Northwestern Medicine Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Galter Pavilion
675 N. St. Clair Street
Suite 20-100
Chicago, IL 60611
Main Number: 312.695.7950

We are located in the Galter Pavilion of Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH). Northwestern Memorial Hospital is one of the nation's pre-eminent academic medical centers and is equipped with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.

Making an appointment

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