What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine isn’t just for athletes. If you are an active individual with an injury to the bone or muscle tissue that’s preventing you from enjoying the activities you love, you may benefit from seeing a sports medicine specialist.

The focus of sports medicine is helping people recover from injuries related to sports, exercise or other physical activities, as well as helping people meet overall wellness, fitness and athletic performance goals.

Sport medicine specialists may have a variety of backgrounds, ranging from orthopaedics and exercise physiology to emergency medicine, with one goal: To get you back into the game and functioning at peak performance.

Your Northwestern Medicine Sports Medicine team may include:

  • Athletic trainers
  • Chiropractic medicine
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Orthopaedic specialists and surgeons
  • Physiatrists
  • Physical therapists
  • Sports medicine specialists

Each of these specialists plays a role in your recovery, helping you return to full function sooner.