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Northwestern Medicine weight management girl smiling

Northwestern Medicine weight management doctor talking to a girlOur dedicated team of pediatric weight management professionals will work with you and your child to create a personalized plan to address the different causes and effects of obesity, to assist with weight loss, to improve health, and to overcome obstacles that keep your child from living life to the fullest. We also will work with your primary care physician to provide referrals for concerns that need specialty care.

Initial Consultation

During the first appointment:

  • The physician will complete a thorough medical review and evaluation, which will include lab work and a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement. BMI is the number calculated from height and weight measurements to determine a healthy weight for your height.
  • Goals for behavior change and weight management will be identified.
  • A dietitian will meet with you to discuss family eating habits and changes that can be made for weight loss success.

The initial consultation usually lasts two to three hours; please plan accordingly.

Follow-Up Visits

Northwestern Medicine weight management doctor talking to a boyAfter the first appointment and assessment, follow-up visits are scheduled regularly. Success takes time and effort, and the results vary by patient. The care team will provide education and resources to help all patients improve health habits, such as choosing the right foods and exercising.

During the program, you and your child will learn to:

  • Develop good exercise habits
  • Reduce sedentary behaviors
  • Identify and avoid high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, which include sugary foods and sweetened beverages
  • Make smart food shopping and restaurant meal choices
  • Incorporate exercise into their daily routine