Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

When disability or illness interferes with your ability to speak or swallow, the licensed and certified speech therapists at Northwestern Medicine can help you participate fully in life again.

Physician reviewing patient facial muscle abilityYour speech therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and establish a therapy plan to meet your personal goals for using and understanding language, feeding and swallowing. 

The dedicated team’s goal is to use advanced assessment and therapeutic techniques to return you to the highest level of function possible for a more satisfying life.

The speech therapy team* includes licensed speech therapists who assess and treat people from birth to old age with diverse communication and swallowing disorders caused by a number of conditions. Speech therapists use a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating communication and swallowing disorders. 

Your individualized treatment plan will be based on your specific needs and goals, but could include education and training in:


Screening for children and adults

Not sure if your child's speech and language skills are on track, or are you looking for someone to assess your speech, language or swallowing ability? We offer appointments for new and existing patients wanting to see a speech therapist for:

  • Complimentary 15-minute speech/language screening (children three to six years)
  • Complimentary 15-minute speech/language phone consultation (children under three years)
  • Speech/language/swallowing evaluation (for children and adults)
  • Speech/language/swallowing therapy (for children and adults)

Speech Language Pathologists in Sycamore

The speech therapists at Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Physical Therapy Center in Sycamore provide exceptional care for adults and children dealing with speech impediments and speech disorders.

Speech and language remediation and rehabilitation services are offered for a variety of organic, congenital, functional and acquired speech and language problems. Our speech language pathologists offer:

  • Video fluoroscopy to evaluate effectiveness of the swallow mechanism
  • Speech and language evaluation and treatment
  • Dysphagia training
  • Cognitive re-training
  • Patient and family education


The Speech Language Pathology therapists provide the following services:

  • Evaluation and treatment
  • Speech disorder (articulation)
  • Language disorders
  • Language literacy
  • Family based treatment
  • Fluency/stuttering
  • Voice
  • Cognitive rehabilitation including memory and executive functioning
  • Phonology and phonological disorders
  • Neurological conditions (Stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis)

Treatment is designed to meet the needs of the individuals and families.


In the spirit of keeping you well-informed, some of the physician(s) and/or individual(s) identified are neither agents nor employees of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare or any of its affiliate organizations. They have selected our facilities as places where they want to treat and care for their private patients.