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Patient in a wheelchair being assisted by a Marianjoy rehabilitation specialist.

Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is one of only a few clinical facilities in the nation to offer such a wide range of the newest technology.

Advanced Technology to Help You Heal

Marianjoy therapists helping patient during rehabilitation therapy session

Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital uses innovative technologies to provide world-class care. With these leading-edge tools, our therapists can tap into the guiding principles of neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to change or heal in response to experiences — and work toward positively impacting your functional recovery.

Neuroplasticity is the basis of new technologies that aim to help your nervous system change and heal after a trauma or injury. These technologies are not substitutes for regular therapy, but tools that your therapist can use to help give you the best recovery possible. Used carefully with evidence-based approaches, technology based on neuroplasticity can help you work smarter, not harder during your recovery.


The Amadeo® is a robotic device that supports finger, hand and/or forearm rehabilitation for a wide range of neurological and orthopedic conditions.

Armeo® Power

The device goes over the outside of an upper extremity, such as your arm, and supports it while you practice movements (eliminate and exercise it).

Armeo® Spring

To help you regain movement, this device stimulates your brain and muscle activity in your hand and arm.

Armeo® Spring Pediatric

Armeo® Spring Pediatric supports rehabilitation care for children ages 4 to 12 with motor impairments in their arms and hands resulting from neurological conditions.


This treadmill platform moves in multiple directions to mimic changes in balance, helping you practice walking in real-world situations.

Bertec® Balance Advantage

This virtual reality system helps therapists treat balance and mobility impairments, and evaluates your sensory and motor systems.

The Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS®)

This virtual reality system helps therapists treat balance and mobility impairments, and evaluates your sensory and motor systems.

Digital Laryngeal Videostroboscopy System

The digital laryngeal videostroboscopy is a tool that shows clear and detailed images of how the vocal folds move when you speak. This helps doctors assess the structure and function of your voice box, also known as the larynx.

EksoGT™ Robotic Exoskeleton

This tool is a framework that you wear and is battery-powered to help you walk. It stimulates neuroplasticity to re-educate your brain and muscles.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of the Swallow

A fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of the swallow (FEES) assesses the swallowing process and is conducted by both an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat physician) and a Marianjoy speech-language pathologist.


A safe system helps you to practice walking and balance in simulated motion challenges.

LiteGait® Training Device

The LiteGait® is a training device that simultaneously assists with posture, lowers weight-bearing, reduces concerns for balance and facilitates the training of coordinated lower-extremity movement.

Pediatric Orthotic Tuning

Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is one of only a few rehabilitation hospitals to offer orthotic tuning. Orthotic tuning is a specialized, comprehensive therapy technique. It can help improve posture, balance and gait efficiency in pediatric patients.

Pressure Mapping

Available through the Wheelchair and Positioning Center, pressure mapping assessments ensure you have properly fitting equipment for your wheelchair.

RT300-SA FES Bike

The RT300-SA FES Cycle (also known as an ergometer) is a machine that helps you perform a repetitive activity with upper extremities, such as your arms. It uses electrical stimulation to encourage muscle activity, improve blood circulation and increase your range of motion.

Video Frenzel System

This device helps your therapist treat dizziness and vestibular disorders.

Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study

Videofluoroscopic swallowing study systems record an X-ray of the individual's entire swallowing process in a continuous motion picture format. This treatment is available for Marianjoy patients with known or suspected swallowing disorders.

Woodway® Split-Belt Treadmill

This therapy and assessment tool can be customized for your needs. You can use this device with the ZeroG Gait and Balance Training System.t

ZeroG® Gait and Balance Training System

This system helps you practice moving and balancing in a safe, controlled environment.

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