Northwestern Medicine Grayslake and Lake Forest Hospital offer minimally invasive surgical procedures and surgical diagnostic testing in state-of-the-art facilities.

We understand that surgery can produce anxiety, but rest assured that we take your care very seriously. Our anesthesiologists are board–certified, and our nurses focus on your comfort before and after surgery.

As you schedule and prepare for surgery, your physician and nurse will supply you with specific, detailed information to help you prepare for the procedure. The following general information will help guide you, but please direct any specific questions to your physician.

Insurance coverage

Many insurance plans now require pre-admission review or second opinions; therefore, it is very important for you to contact your carrier about your surgery before the day of your operation to ensure your coverage. If insurance carriers are not notified promptly, your surgery may be canceled. If you are unable to pay the full deposit, financial arrangements should be made with the financial counselors before admission.

Elective procedures

Insurance companies do not normally cover elective procedures, such as cosmetic surgery. If this is the case or if you do not have insurance, you will be asked to pay in full based on the approximate cost of your procedure.

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The General Surgery team at Northwestern Medicine is committed to providing an excellent surgical experience.

Meet the Northern Suburbs General Surgery Team

Preparing for Surgery

Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital Pre-operative Clinic

In the Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital Pre-operative Clinic, we evaluate patients before surgery. This helps to make sure they have the best outcome possible from their procedure.

Before Your Surgery and Anesthesia

Learn how to prepare for surgery and anesthesia. Find out what to bring with you, what to eat or drink, and more.

What to Expect on the Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, follow these guidelines. Plus, learn where to park, what will happen before your surgery, and how many visitors you can have.

What To Expect After Surgery

Learn what will happen after your surgery and before you are discharged.

Pediatric Same-Day Surgery

This guide provides general information to help you prepare for your child's upcoming surgery. Please direct any specific questions to your physician.


Locations & Contact Information
    Machine that measures a patient's vitals while in surgery

    Types of Anesthesia

    There are four main types of anesthesia used during surgery and other procedures. Your anesthesiologist will discuss with you the type of anesthesia that would be appropriate for your surgery or procedure.

    Care Where You Need It

    Northwestern Medicine offers surgical services conveniently located near you.