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What Are the Stages of Sleep? [Infographic]

And How to Get Better Sleep

With the popularization of sleep-tracking apps and devices, there has been an obsession with the "types" of sleep that you get, explains Northwestern Medicine Sleep Medicine Physician Sabra M. Abbott, MD, PhD.

But that's probably not the best way to view your sleep.

"You shouldn't be looking to get one 'type' of sleep over the other," Dr. Abbott says. "You should be looking to get quality sleep. Then, your body will take care of the rest."

You should be looking to get quality sleep.
— Sabra M. Abbott, MD, PhD

Dr. Abbott breaks down the four general stages of sleep that you cycle through while you're getting your nightly shut-eye and shares her tips to get better rest.

what-are-the-stages-of-sleep_infographic Download What Are the Stages of Sleep? [Infographic]
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