NMRMG - Formerly Centegra Physician Care

For appointments prior to 5/1/19:

Pay Online

For billing questions about appointments prior to 5/1/19 please call 877.906.0020 

It is your obligation to pay for health care services received and to cooperate with Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group (formerly Centegra Physician Care) in making such payment. Out-of-pocket expenses and any known previously accrued balance will be due at the time of service in non-emergent situations. Account balances are to be paid upon notification. It is your responsibility to follow up with your health insurance plan or employer if your insurance company does not pay within 60 days after the claim has been made. Outstanding accounts may be subject to full collection activity after an adequate opportunity to settle the balance has transpired without payment.

For Financial Assistance on bills prior to 5/1/19:

Some of the providers in which you will receive services from may be independent providers. This means that they are not billed for by Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group (formerly Centegra Physician Care). As a result, you may receive separate bills from these providers. These providers may not be participating in the same insurance plans and networks as Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group (formerly Centegra Physician Care). Accordingly, you may have greater financial responsibility for these providers. Some of these independent providers may be:

  • Anesthesia Associates of Crystal Valley: 815.385.0084
  • Lake-McHenry Pathology: 800.942.3507
  • McHenry Radiology: 815.759.0800
  • Moraine Emergency Physicians (EMCARE): 800.355.2470
  • Town Square Anesthesia: 800.942.3507
  • Midwest Radiation Oncology: 800.996.3647