There are several national organizations that define the best ways to measure quality performance. These organizations use research and expert consensus to decide what data to gather, how to analyze it and how to display the data. They set the standards to ensure that any participating hospital has reliable and accurate data. Some measures are very straightforward and objective, and some collect subjective data such as patient opinions.

In an effort to be transparent in our quality data reporting, we choose reliable national measures and then we report our data even if the results show that we need to improve. We share all the data with you, even if we are not yet meeting our performance goals on the measures.

Our quality measures were chosen to meet our goals. Our goals include:

  • Transparency: We want measures to be up front and easy to understand
  • Public methodology: The methods of collecting and analyzing data are available for study
  • Validity: We want measures to be validated by reputable research or expertise
  • Comparisons: We want measures that can be compared to a national benchmark, average or other comparison so you can compare us with the high standards set for hospitals across the nation
  • Expertise: We choose measures that have been developed and tested by the most well-respected, independent national experts
  • Relevance: We choose measures that are relevant to our patients, to help you to understand, select and plan for high quality healthcare

We aim to display information in a way that is understandable and useful to you. We share our results consistently over time; if our performance is not as strong as we’d like, we show you the data anyway, while we work on improving.

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