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Kits for Kids online resources help teachers, school nurses, scout leaders, community educators and parents teach children the importance of healthy habits, like hand washing, bicycle safety, nutrition and fitness. The below lesson web links include health and safety lesson plans, worksheets, interactive demonstration ideas, and useful topic information to help deliver a fun and engaging class for young learners.

Hand washing: Help kids learn the importance of proper hand washing. The hand washing presentation manual guides you through activities and introduces additional resources to confidently teach children about germs and how to prevent illness through proper hand hygiene. Lessons are designed for children kindergarten through fifth grade.

Ride Smart! Bicycle Safety: Teaching children how to protect their brain and body while riding bicycles will keep them safe and healthy. The Ride Smart! Bicycle Safety Presentation Manual takes children through a coloring page safety journey and includes fun activities to reinforce the importance of the protecting the brain. Lessons are designed for children in preschool through second grade.

Nutrition and Fitness: Proper nutrition and daily physical activity are key components of health. The Nutrition and Fitness Presentation Manual includes: