Flu Prevention

Flu Prevention Strategies

Prevention is the single best way to keep yourself healthy and slow the spread of influenza virus. Below are ways Northwestern Medicine is working to prevent the flu and keep the influenza virus from spreading to help protect patients, visitors and staff.

  • Providing healthcare kiosks: We take the health of our patients, our employees and the community very seriously. There are kiosks installed throughout the hospital where anyone can get masks, sanitizing wipes and tissues to help reduce the spread of viral and bacterial infections—including influenza.
  • Offering influenza vaccines: We offer the seasonal influenza vaccine to all employees free of charge.
  • Educating our staff and the public: We’re working to educate the public and our staff about the importance of prevention and limiting the spread of influenza.
  • Keeping sick patients protected: We have protective policies in place for healthcare workers and visitors to wear a mask with any patient who is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, and hospital staff know that they need to follow these policies at all times.
  • Promoting clean hands: We work hard to ensure that all healthcare workers and visitors clean their hands frequently, and always when entering and leaving any patient's room.
  • Screening our visitors: We ask all visitors to avoid coming to the hospital if they feel unwell.
  • Protecting patients from sick caregivers: If our caregivers get sick, they must stay home from work for seven days or until they have been fever-free for 24 hours, whichever is longer. This will help limit transmission of influenza from staff to patients.

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