Comprehensive Care for Low Grade Gliomas

Northwestern Medicine offers one of few programs in the country dedicated to the treatment of individuals with low grade gliomas, brain tumors that originate from glial cells. Glial cells support and nourish neurons in the brain.

Specializing in the treatment of challenging conditions, our doctors and surgeons are among the world’s leading experts. When options are limited, our experienced team is often able to offer innovative therapies and novel treatments.

You may benefit from a visit to the Low Grade Glioma Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital if you:

  • Have a newly diagnosed or recurrent low grade glioma
  • Seek a second opinion about a diagnosis or treatment recommendation
  • Experience uncontrolled seizures caused by a low grade glioma
  • Have been told surgery is not an option
  • Need to transition from pediatric to adult care because you were diagnosed with a low grade glioma during childhood

Meet the Team

Two clinicians reviewing paperwork

Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, epilepsy and other specialties associated with the diagnosis and treatment of low grade gliomas.

To schedule an appointment or to get a second opinion, please call 312.694.6212 or email

Meet the Downtown Chicago Low Grade Glioma Team

Challenging Surgical Cases

Through the Lou and Jean Malnati Brain Tumor Institute of Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University, we offer a wide range of services that reflect our commitment to caring for each patient from diagnosis through treatment, and on to rehabilitation. Our experienced team is often able to offer innovative therapies that are not yet widely available, through participation in brain tumor clinical trials.

If you’ve been told surgery is not an option, we may be able to help. Using brain-mapping technology, our expert neurosurgeons can sometimes offer treatment options for patients who have been told their low grade glioma cannot be removed.

Hope for Uncontrolled Seizures

Having surgery to remove a low grade glioma is often the best opportunity to remove the seizure focus (the site in the brain where the seizure originates) and stop the seizures. However, sometimes seizures persist after surgery or develop later, and patients need ongoing treatment for their epilepsy.

In partnership with the Northwestern Medicine Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, we offer comprehensive treatment options for patients with uncontrolled seizures caused by low grade gliomas.

Any Stage of Disease

Northwestern Medicine offers comprehensive care for low grade gliomas at any stage of disease. Whether you are newly diagnosed with a low grade glioma or you need help managing recurrent disease, we can help. For patients whose low grade glioma was diagnosed during childhood, we can also assist with the transition from pediatric to adult care.

Why Choose Northwestern Medicine

  • Northwestern Medicine is anchored by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the only Illinois hospital on the national Honor Roll for 13 straight years.
  • Northwestern Medicine offers the most brain and spine tumor clinical trials in Illinois:
  • Northwestern Medicine performs more brain and spine tumor surgeries than any other health system in Illinois. Illinois COMPdata; inpatient only; includes all Illinois zip codes.

Getting a Second Opinion

After you receive a brain or spine tumor diagnosis, finding the right treatment can seem overwhelming. Getting a second opinion can help you feel confident about your diagnosis and treatment plan. Among the world’s leading experts, people across the country turn to our team for second opinions.

Brain and Spine Tumor Clinical Trials

We're committed to providing the most advanced treatments available for patients with brain and spine tumors, and to developing clinical research that will lead to tomorrow’s standard of care. Click here learn more about the clinical trials.

Brain and Spine Tumor Care in Spanish

Explore brain and spine tumor treatment options in Spanish. Our goal is to ensure that you understand your diagnosis and the treatment options available to you. Acceder al conenido en Español.

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