Post-Natal Follow-Up Clinic

Post-Natal Follow-Up Clinic

If your baby was born earlier than expected, born with medical complications or if the pregnancy was considered ‘high risk’, it may be beneficial to seek a screening two to four weeks following discharge from the hospital.

The Northwestern Medicine Pediatric Rehabilitation Services Crystal Lake Post-Natal Follow-Up Clinic is designed to support and help you understand your baby’s growth and development of motor, feeding/breastfeeding, swallowing, social-emotional, pre-linguistic and cognitive skills.


  • Free infant screening
  • Support for parental questions and/or concerns
  • Comprehensive evaluations for infants identified with therapeutic needs prior to discharge
  • Education for parents to monitor developmental milestones for ages birth through 12 months or as prescribed
  • Recommendations and resources for other specialties as needed
  • Consultations with family physicians as needed

What to Expect

At your first clinic visit, you will meet with a team of specialists that includes a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a speech-language pathologist.

Based on your pediatrician’s or nurse practitioner’s recommendation, you may be scheduled for a screening or an evaluation during your clinic visit within two to four weeks after discharge.


This is a free, 45- to 60-minute session. You will meet with a multidisciplinary team of therapists that will observe your child in a play-based environment. Parents and/or caregivers will participate in discussions with the multidisciplinary team about concerns and observations.


This is an individual, 60-minute session charged per therapy service provided. Based on the child’s needs, an assessment will be completed by a therapist (physical, occupational or speech-language). Should the child require several areas of support, multiple evaluation sessions will be scheduled.

Parents are encouraged to write down a list of questions or concerns prior to the above visits.