Northwestern Medicine Northwest Suburbs Nursing Residency Program

Northwestern Medicine’s Northwest Suburbs Nursing Residency Program provides the highest level of support for new graduate nurses throughout their first year as Northwestern Medicine Associates.

Residency Participants

Residents include all new graduate registered nurses with less than one year of acute care experience and less than two years of long-term care experience.


  • The program is one year in length.
  • The residency includes hospital orientation and specialty training courses.
  • Clinical orientation is tailored to the needs of the new graduate nurse based on assessment of clinical needs.
  • Core content is provided in structured monthly seminars that last a minimum of four hours.
  • Residents have access to hospital experts and resident facilitators.
  • All residents complete a professional project to enhance clinical practice.


  • Content experts educate nurse residents about their specialty areas.
  • Facilitators guide monthly discussions, work with nurse residents to identify areas for enhanced education, serve as experienced nurse mentors and guide the residents’ efforts.

Expectations of Nurse Residents

  • Residents are expected to attend and actively participate in all residency seminars and learning activities
  • Residents will promote a culture of professionalism and evidence-based practice by completing the evidence-based practice clinical project.
  • Complete all requirements of the program within the first year of employment

All new graduate nurses of Northwestern Medicine’s Northwest Suburbs facilities will be hired through the nurse residency program.

Application Process and Timelines

Cohorts will begin in March, June, August and November each year.

Please apply through the Job Search page. May begin application process prior to nursing school graduation.

Please attach the following documents to your online application:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume - including detail regarding your clinical rotations
  • Unofficial transcript

If accepted for a position in the residency, it is the responsibility of the nurse resident to pass state boards and obtain state licensure prior to the cohort start date.