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Muscles You Use in Summer Sports (Infographic)

And How to Prevent Injury

If the first rays of summer have you dusting off your tennis racket or pulling your bike out of storage, don’t forget: Your muscles might need a tune-up, too.

“It's essential to begin summer activities gradually, whether you're beginning a new activity, training for a race, or simply resuming a sport or exercise regimen from a previous season,” says Northwestern Medicine Sports Medicine Physician Sander S. Rubin, MD. “Pushing through persistent pain may be a sign of injury and should be evaluated by a physician.”

Before you play back-to-back tennis matches or golf 18 holes, keep in mind the mechanics of your body, which muscles you’ll be activating and to which injuries you may be prone.

“Overuse injuries are exceedingly common in summer,” says Dr. Rubin. “The Sports Medicine Department at Northwestern Medicine can help you evaluate and correct muscle imbalances from various summer activities.”