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Roadmap for Older Driver Safety

Navigating Hard Conversations With Older Adults

For many older adults, driving means independence. It can be hard to talk to your older loved one about parking their car for good, even if they present a safety risk to themselves and others.

“Nobody wants to stop driving,” says Northwestern Medicine Geriatrician Lee A. Lindquist, MD. “And passing the state driving test doesn’t always mean that someone is safe to drive.”

Dr. Lindquist has done a lot of research on the health and safety of older adults, including why they are often afraid to stop driving and why they may refuse help.

She offers her expert advice for navigating this difficult road with your loved one via a road map for older driver safety.

Older Driver Safety Infographic

If you have an older relative who has not driven in many months, consider going on practice drives with them before they hit the road on their own. Another option to ensure safety on the road is to have your older loved one get an evaluation done at a local Driver Rehabilitation Program.

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