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Body Imaging: A Look Inside Radiology (Infographic)

How Physicians See Inside You

Since the invention of the X-ray in 1895, radiology has been a vital tool for physicians to see what’s going on in your body to properly diagnose and treat you, but what do these scans mean and how do physicians use them?

“Diagnostic radiology involves determining what pathologies or diseases are present within the body, while interventional radiology involves using radiological imaging to administer precise treatment,” says Riad Salem, MD, MBA, Northwestern Medicine chief of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. “Radiology as a whole involves different ways for physicians to see what’s going on inside of you and interpret it for diagnosis and treatment.”

Here are common imaging techniques that radiologists use to see what’s happening inside your body.

nm-body-imaging__Infographic Download Body Imaging: A Look Inside Radiology (Infographic)
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