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Comprehensive genetics cardiovascular care

The Northwestern Medicine Cardiovascular Genetics Program at Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute provides comprehensive cardiovascular care. This includes genetic testing and medical management for all forms of inherited cardiovascular diseases. We care for people with a personal or family history of many cardiovascular disorders, including:

These disorders are genetic, meaning they run in families. In addition to caring for people with these conditions, we also work to find relatives who are at risk.

All members of the Cardiovascular Genetics Program team have extensive experience and knowledge in inherited heart and vascular diseases. Our team includes cardiologists, genetic counselors and nursing staff. They each work closely with patients, family members and referring physicians.

Comprehensive services include:

  • Diagnosis and risk assessment
  • Genetic testing
  • Treatment options
  • Prevention and risk reduction strategies
  • Research-based clinical trials

We use genetic testing to identify and diagnose people at risk for heart and vascular disease before it develops. This helps guide risk assessment and decisions. We offer genetic testing that includes site-specific mutation testing, gene panel testing and exome/genome analysis. Genetic information provides diagnostic focus and information to guide clinical decisions.

Treating inherited cardiovascular diseases is most effective when it is directed by a healthcare team with expertise in this area. Unlike more widely known forms of cardiovascular disease that may occur due to lifestyle factors, inherited cardiovascular disease may result from a gene mutation. Gene mutations can lead to weakness of the heart muscle (known as cardiomyopathy), irregular heart rhythms or vascular disease. The Cardiovascular Genetics Program combines advanced diagnostic testing with the latest treatments for inherited forms of cardiovascular disease.

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