CT Scan

female patient entering pet/ct scanning machine positron emission tomographyA computed tomography (CT) scan combines X-ray and computer technology to produce detailed cross-sectional images of your heart, making it a highly effective diagnostic tool.

At Northwestern Medicine, we offer CT services, including:

  • Specialized and routine imaging techniques for the body, musculoskeletal system and nervous system
  • CT angiography
  • Cardiac and coronary artery CT angiography studies
  • Brain perfusion scans

The length of the exam will depend on the area to be scanned and the specific information your physicians need.

Please tell your physician or the CT staff if you:

  • Are pregnant, might be pregnant or are trying to get pregnant
  • Are allergic to contrast dye or iodine
  • Have known kidney disease
  • Have diabetes
  • Have had a problem with this exam (or other contrast exams) in the past

As with any test, we encourage you to discuss any concerns you may about your CT scan with your physician.

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