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8 Gifts for Good Health

Unwrap Better Health

It’s time to say goodbye to the tired bottle of wine and stale cigars. Instead, give health from the heart. Here are eight gift ideas that encourage wellness.

1. Yoga

Give the gift of Om with a gift certificate for yoga classes. Regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce stress, improve cardiovascular and circulatory health, and even help with back pain. For parents with little ones, baby yoga offers the chance to bond and relax with your baby.

2. A pink noise machine

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with a pink noise machine. Pink noise is deeper and has slower waves than white noise. Listening to pink noise while sleeping is showing promise as a means to stave off dementia and improve memory.

3. Running shoes (that fit)

Give the gift of a better gait by taking your loved one to get properly fitted for a running shoe. Picking out a proper shoe will help prevent injury and is an essential step toward sustainable fitness habits.

4. A fitness tracker

Give the gift of wrist inspiration. Fitness trackers can help guide your loved one’s fitness journey and help them gauge their progress along the way.

5. Good eats

Give the gift of gut health by:

Or, try these healthier food gift ideas.

6. A foam roller

Give the gift of recovery with a foam roller. Pair the roller with these five exercises so your loved one can put it to immediate use.

7. A properly fitted backpack

Give the gift of spine health with a properly fitted and padded backpack.

8. Nature

Give the gift of flora with a membership to a botanical garden, arboretum or conservatory. Nature bathing can boost your mood and lower stress.

If you do indeed end up going with the bottle of wine, first read about the benefits and harmful effects of wine.