11 Gifts For Good Health

Promoting Wellness Year-round

From new parents to your parents, give the gift of health and wellness this year. These finds will cover everyone from a fitness fanatic to a tech-savvy teen. (And you just might want to pick up something for yourself, too.)

  1. Yoga classes
    Give the gift of om. Regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce stress, improve cardiovascular and circulatory health, and even help with back pain.
  2. Headphones
    Could your teen's headphones be causing hearing loss? Opt for a brand that offers protection.
  3. Smart Watch
    Whether tracking heart rate or watching for falls, an extra set of eyes on their health could be as close as their wrist. Find the best apps for tracking health here.
  4. Massage
    In addition to relieving stress, massage therapy can improve cardiovascular health, sleep and depression.
  5. Running shoes
    Get the shoe that fits — literally. To prevent injury, athletic and running shoes should match up with the wearer’s habits and activities. A specialist can determine unique needs based on gait and what part of the foot strikes when running.
  6. Essential oils
    Help them stop and smell the roses… or lavender and lemongrass. Aromatherapy is thought to reduce anxiety by impacting the limbic system in the brain.
  7. Journal
    Research has shown that the benefits of journalinginclude increased happiness. Expressing oneself can also help your loved one manage anxiety, reduce stress and cope with depression. 
  8. Personal training session
    Hands-on assistance can help teach proper technique when starting a new workout routine and help your loved one avoid injury. Experienced athletes also reap the benefits by taking their workout to the next level.
  9. Kitchen gadgets
    Foodies, rejoice. These nutritionist-approved gadgets include spiralizers, a compact blender for on-the-go smoothies and a pressure cooker.
  10. Fresh meals
    From new parents to the elderly, many people on your list would appreciate the gift of fresh, home-delivered meals. Many services can accommodate special diets, from vegetarian to lactose-free.
  11. Indoor security camera
    Caregivers can breathe a sigh of relief with state-of-the-art indoor security cameras. Be the first to know if a loved one has gotten out of bed or requires assistance to prevent falls.