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Family Fun and Fitness: Ice-Skating

5 Reasons to Take Your Family to the Rink This Winter

Ice-skating is an increasingly popular way to workout in the winter. With proper training, you can learn the right technique to avoid injury and maximize your aerobic workout. Ice-skating is a fun form of intense cardiovascular exercise which improves balance and builds muscle in your legs and core.

Even if you aren’t adopting ice-skating as your winter fitness routine, a trip to the rink with your family is a great way to get outside and exercise while also having fun.

Here are five reasons to give skating a try this winter:

1. You Can Do It Outside

We've already shared the benefits of any time outside when it comes to keeping spirits up in the winter, and visiting an outdoor rink in your city is a fun and fit way to do so. Plus, with harder ice and the occasional gust of wind, an outdoor skate is a better workout than the indoor alternative.

For Chicagoland residents, check out the best outdoor rinks from Chicago Kids.

2. It’s Fitness for the Whole Family

Ice-skating can keep your whole family active and engaged, more so than other winter sports. Fairly inexpensive and open to all levels, you and your kids can skate in one place without the skill separation other activities can create. With different styles like figure skating and speed skating, everyone can pursue their interests within the bounds of the rink.

3. It’s Easy on the Joints

When we say the whole family, we mean the whole family. Ice-skating is relatively low impact, making gliding easy on the joints for grandpa and grandma. However, be sensitive to the safety concerns of older family members, they may feel more comfortable on camera duty!

4. You Can Commit All Season

Who knows, a trip to the outdoor rink may awaken a hidden talent in you or your children. Following up with lessons and training could lead to an effective and exciting workout routine for when it’s too cold for your usual activities.

5. It Has Benefits Beyond Winter

An ice-skating workout can provide some necessary winter exercise, but the benefits extend past the season. By working small stabilizer muscles and improving coordination, you may notice added perks in your running, skiing or yoga workouts.