Inspire Others to Give With a Northwestern Medicine Fundraiser

Hosting an online fundraiser can be a fun and rewarding way to support the advanced, compassionate care that Northwestern Medicine provides. The money you raise will help sustain breakthrough research, vital patient care and valuable community outreach.

Set Up a Fundraiser Today

There’s always a reason to fundraise for better medicine. You may combine your fundraiser with a special occasion such as: a celebration, a personal achievement or milestone, a health awareness event, such as American Heart Month or World Diabetes Day. Setting up a fundraiser is easy.


Choose what you’re fundraising for.

Identify a specific hospital, a particular treatment program or the area of greatest need at Northwestern Medicine.


Build a fundraising page.

Fill out our form and explain why you’re fundraising. Set a fundraising goal and tell your story. Your compassion will help inspire your friends and family to help.


Share your fundraising page with your network.

Get the word out! Share the link to your page via email, social media, and text. Lead by example — donating to your own fundraiser is not just allowed, it’s encouraged!


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