Make a Big Impact With a Future Gift

A planned gift lets you create a lasting legacy. And it helps ensure Northwestern Medicine will continue to deliver exceptional care and conduct pioneering research well into the future.

Better Care Tomorrow Starts Today

There are many types of planned gifts. Each offers a specific donation timeline and potential advantages. Our planned giving staff can work with you to design a gift that fits your unique financial situation and charitable giving goals.

For help setting up any of these planned gifts, contact us. If you have already established a planned gift, such as a bequest in your will, we invite you to become a recognized member of our Legacy Society.

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Types of Planned Giving

Deferred Gifts

You may set up a future donation of money or assets to Northwestern Memorial Foundation with a deferred gift. Because deferred gifts can be changed at any time before maturity, they offer you control and flexibility.
Designate Northwestern Memorial Foundation as the beneficiary of cash or other assets in your will.

Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary
Name Northwestern Memorial Foundation as a beneficiary of your term or whole life insurance policy.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary
Name Northwestern Memorial Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA or another retirement fund.

Gifts That Provide You More Income

Like a traditional donation, a gift that provides you income can be made during your lifetime and funded with cash or other assets. While these gifts are typically irrevocable, they may provide tax advantages or other financial benefits to you or a loved one.
Charitable Gift Annuity
A charitable gift annuity can provide you with a guaranteed fixed income stream during your lifetime. At maturity, the annuity’s balance will fund your gift.

Fixed return rates are determined by the American Council on Gift Annuities and are based on the donor’s age. In recent years, our annuity payments have averaged 7%.

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust makes payments to one or more named beneficiaries, such as you and your spouse, for your lifetime or set number of years. At maturity, the trust’s balance will go to Northwestern Memorial Foundation.

Charitable Lead Trust
A charitable lead trust makes payments to Northwestern Memorial Foundation for your lifetime or a set number of years. At maturity, the trust’s balance will go to one or more named beneficiaries, such as you, your spouse or another family member

Retained Life Estate
You may donate your home to Northwestern Memorial Foundation and continue to live in it — and even make improvements to it — for as long as you choose.

Blended Gifts

Blended gifts are a combination of a planned gift plus an outright gift or pledge. For example, a cash gift made today may be strengthened with a charitable gift annuity that matures at a later date.

Planned Giving in Action



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