Meet the Downtown Chicago Geriatric Fracture Program Team

The Geriatric Fracture Program, part of the Center for Comprehensive Orthopaedic and Spine Care at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, is dedicated to the treatment of fractures in older adults and seniors (aged 50 and older).

Using a team of specialists in multiple disciplines and expert caregivers, the program’s specialists evaluate the bone health of patients in order to provide appropriate osteoporosis treatment to prevent future fractures.

The Geriatric Fracture Program features orthopaedic surgeons, internists and geriatricians, emergency room physicians, anesthesiologists, physical and occupational therapists, social workers and bone health specialists, with expertise that applies to the multifaceted diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Hip fractures and all fragility fractures/geriatric fractures
  • Fractures or deformities of the spine and extremities
  • Shoulder, hand, foot and ankle injuries
  • Shoulder, hand, foot and ankle injuries
  • Fractures near a previous orthopaedic surgery implant or joint replacement
  • Fracture complications