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Department of Surgery

Surgery is the practice of treating diseases and disorders through incisions (surgical openings) in a patient's body that allow surgeons to remove or change parts of the body.

The Department of Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital provides the highest quality of surgical care to patients, from minimally invasive procedures to emergency surgery. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is ranked No. 12 in Gastroenterology and GI Surgery and No. 10 in Cardiology and Heart Surgery in 2020–2021 by U.S. News & World Report.

Our team includes physicians on the staff of: 

Our surgical programs are dedicated to serving our patients' specific surgical needs. Northwestern Medicine is also committed to ensuring safe surgical procedures. To improve patient safety, efficiency and satisfaction throughout the surgical experience, all patients are required to undergo a pre-surgical evaluation at our Preoperative Clinic.

Preoperative Clinic

The Northwestern Memorial Hospital Preoperative Clinic serves as a single point of intake that ensures patient preparedness for surgery and procedures.

Areas of care

Surgical procedures performed at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University include:

  • Surgical Oncology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Trauma and Critical Care

Surgical procedures are also performed at:

Olson Pavilion  (Prentice Surgical Services)
To schedule an appointment, please call 312.926.7937.

Galter Pavilion
To schedule an appointment, please call 312.926.2000.

Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute (Cardiac and Vascular Surgery)
To schedule an appointment, please call 312.664.3278.

Digestive Health Center (GI Surgery)
To schedule an appointment, please call 312.695.5620.

Lavin Family Pavilion (Preoperative Clinic)
To schedule an appointment, please call 312.926.4566.